Official announcement of a major
investment at the Specialty Cellulose
plant in Temiscaming, Quebec.

We’re strengthening that business with one of the largest investments
Canada’s forest products industry has seen in years.


in tomorrow

“We are reshaping Tembec to focus more on growing markets such as specialty cellulose, to complement our forest products commodities.”
— James Lopez, President and CEO

Optical film in the liquid crystal displays on tablet computer and smartphone screens is one of the many applications of specialty cellulose.


in commodity and specialty products

See how we use the whole tree
to make Tembec products for
customers worldwide.

This mature white spruce becomes lumber, the most carbon-friendly building material.


in responsible forest management

See how Tembec’s leadership with
Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
certification has changed our industry
for the better.

We were the first Canadian public company to commit to achieving FSC certification for all our direct managed forests, in 2001.


in strong growth markets

See why specialty cellulose has
tremendous potential for our
customers and our company.

Eyeglass frames, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even dairy products all use specialty cellulose.


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