Tembec has higher and hire expectations in specialty cellulose – and we’re looking to hire in lumber, pulp and paper, too.

Tembec is a strong second in the world in specialty cellulose – processed from wood fiber – with some 20% of global production capacity.

Specialty cellulose is used to bind, strengthen, thicken and generally improve a tremendous range of products – in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaged foods, coatings, electronics, construction and energy industries.

These industries are generally outgrowing the global economy, helping spur demand for specialty cellulose. And this exciting growth business complements Tembec’s traditional forest products – lumber, pulp and paper.

Tembec’s game-changing investment

We have announced the first phase of a $310 million investment in our Temiscaming, Québec, specialty cellulose facility. It’s one of the largest expansions in years for Canada’s forest products industry, underling our commitment to the business.

Phase 1, a $190 million investment, is now underway. The project will increase specialty cellulose capacity and improve environmental performance. It will also increase Tembec’s output of green electricity, one of our many co-products. All this will make Temiscaming one of our industry’s lowest-cost manufacturing facilities.

We’re looking to hire people who aim high, across Canada

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President and CEO James Lopez

James Lopez

"We will be a forest products company like few others. The investments we're making are going to be difference makers because most of the businesses we focus on – like the specialty cellulose business – will set us apart."

At Tembec we are…

  • Focusing on markets where we can be leaders.
  • Working to reshape our company for the better.
  • Using straight talk to address the outlook for our industry.
  • Developing a new biocomposite material based on wood fiber.
  • Committed to global leadership in sustainable forest management.