Engagement with environmental groups

Forest conservation, in tandem with the implementation of sustainable forestry practices, is a key theme for the Tembec Forest Resource Management Group.

We work with regional and national organizations to propose joint solutions

From time to time, government agencies assess land use across large swaths of Canadian public land to reset the mix of zones of resource development, parks and protected areas. Where such projects intersect with Tembec forest licenses, Tembec has a substantial track record of positive engagement with environmental organizations to propose joint solutions that maintain the opportunity for a prosperous and growing forest products sector while adding to Canada’s network of protected areas. Since 1999, in partnership with regional and national environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund – Canada, Wildsight (British Columbia), Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – (Wildlands League – Ontario, SNAP – Quebec) and Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI) Tembec forestry personnel have contributed to the identification and protection of thousands of hectares of prime habitat for wildlife such as woodland and mountain caribou across Canada. 

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We address widespread perceptions and misperceptions about the forest products industry and Tembec:

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