Forest certification

While addressing regulatory and legislative requirements is essential to the practice of sustainable forest management, the expectations of public stakeholders, Aboriginal People, environmental organizations and customers go beyond legal compliance. Certification demonstrates corporate social, environmental and economic responsibility.

Tembec is a leader in forest management certification

Forest certification is a voluntary mechanism where a third-party organization audits company performance in the forest and along the fiber sourcing supply chain against detailed standards developed by an independent organization. In 2001, Tembec became the first large public forest products company in Canada to make the commitment to utilize standards developed by the internationally recognized Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and seek certification on all company forest management units.

By 2008, Tembec had certified 100% of the public forestlands under its management, and also achieved Chain of Custody certification. The latter provides a guarantee to consumers that any product with the FSC label can be tracked back to an FSC certified source.

Tembec’s high-yield pulp mills in Canada, and specialty cellulose facility in France, use fiber from forests and suppliers that are PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification) certified. PEFC chain of custody assures customers that fiber originates in PEFC certified operations, which follow responsible forest practices. For more information on PEFC, go to

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Tembec’s FSC forest management licence codes

FSC® C005058
FSC® C006798
FSC® C011339
FSC® C100637
FSC® C010993
FSC® C113532

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