We use the whole tree to make Tembec products – extracting full value from fiber in our lumber, pulp, paper and specialty cellulose operations. Forest Stewardship Council[R] (FSC[R]) Chain-of-Custody certification of Tembec products is your assurance they can be tracked back to an FSC certified source.

Our product portfolio stretches from commodities to specialties

We carefully harvest trees from our FSC certified forest operations, managed in keeping with responsible forestry practices, to produce lumber, the most carbon-friendly building material.

The remaining fiber includes wood chips which we convert into high-yield pulp (it also uses roundwood as feedstock). These pulps then get new life at Tembec as coated bleached board and newsprint – which are fully recyclable.

Tembec further refines pulp into specialty cellulose used in cosmetics, dairy products and even pharmaceuticals. And we turn residual co-products of the pulping process, such as lignin, into chemical products for the agriculture, food and personal care industries. 

So we have evolved a long way from traditional pulp and paper mills, to operating biorefineries, which extract full value from fiber at every stage of production.

Green energy from biomass makes environmental and business sense

Tembec also uses biomass – bark, shavings and sawdust – as well as sludge from wastewater treatment and residuals from pulping to create renewable bioenergy:

  • Green steam used in our pulping and papermaking operations.
  • Green electricity cogenerated for use in operations or sold directly to utilities.

All this reduces Tembec’s energy consumption and need for fossil fuels, acting on carbon and climate change.

Even our waste doesn’t go to waste

Tembec’s advanced effluent treatment technology creates biogas used to displace natural gas in our operations. In brief, we use everything we possibly can.

By operating in a sustainable manner, and by ensuring the legality of our fiber sources, we secure the future of the forestlands that mean so much to our business, our local communities, and the community at large.

Tembec at Temiscaming

Tour our largest operation, where we manufacture specialty cellulose, Kallima coated cover, high-yield pulp and chemical products.