Chemical products

Tembec’s chemical products – resins and lignosulfonates – are supported by a dedicated technical sales team. Notably, lignosulfonates are residuals of our specialty cellulose manufacturing process – co-products rooted in renewable biomass.


At three locations in Canada and the United States, Tembec manufactures a full range of resin products that meet stringent customer and regulatory requirements:

  • Powder and liquid phenolic and amino resins used to make forest products such as plywood, OSB (oriented strand board), and MDF (medium density fiberboard).
  • Specialty resins used in insulation, abrasives and truck floors. 

Tembec also distributes emulsion waxes to the North American OSB Industry, serving customers as a convenient single source for both resin and emulsion wax requirements.

We also make formaldehyde, used in resin production. 


Tembec manufactures a complete line of lignosulfonates – co-products refined from residuals of the specialty cellulose manufacturing process at our Temiscaming and Tartas operations. Marketed under the ARBO™ brand, our lignosulfonates serve as natural binding agents and dispersants, with applications in such industries as:

  • Agriculture
  • Carbon black
  • Concrete admixtures

We are one of the few suppliers with a full range of calcium-, sodium,- and ammonium-based lignosulfonates. Efficient worldwide and local distribution equips us to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

Product characteristics and applications

Products Applications
Resins Phenolic resin powder OSB (oriented strand board)
Phenolic resin liquid LVL (laminated veneer lumber)
MDF (medium density fiberboard)
OSB (oriented strand board)
Particleboard and hardboard insulation
Amino resins – liquid and powder (MUF, UF, MF ) Door skin veneer
Truck Floors
PMUF OSB (oriented strand board)
Emulsion Waxes OSB (oriented strand board)
Formaldehyde 37%-52% concentrations
Lignosulfonates Agriculture
Animal feed
Carbon black
Concrete admixtures
Dust suppressants

Operations and capacity

Facility Capacity (annual)

Resin and related products
170,000 metric tons

60,000 metric tons

Longueuil, Québec, Canada  
Toledo, Ohio, United States  
Temiscaming, Québec, Canada
Tartas, France  


Straight talk

We address widespread perceptions and misperceptions about the forest products industry and Tembec:


  • General inquiries
    Telephone: 416 775-2817

  • Chemicals sales – Lignosulfonates

    Luc Potvin
    Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Lignosulfonates
    Telephone : 514 871-2305        
    Fax: 514 871-9125
    4 Place Ville-Marie
    Suite 100
    Montréal, Québec
    H3B 2E7

    Sylvain Grisé
    Sales Manager, Lignosulfonates
    Telephone : 514 871-9916
    Fax: 514 871-9125
    4 Place Ville-Marie
    Suite 100
    Montréal, Québec
    H3B 2E7

  • Chemicals sales – Resin

    Frank Giust
    Sales Manager, Resins
    Telephone : 514 871-9487
    Fax: 514 871-9125
    4 Place Ville-Marie
    Suite 100
    Montréal, Québec
    H3B 2E7

    Dan Bourassa
    Sales Manager - OSB Resins
    Telephone: 416 775-2836
    Fax: 819 627-1042
    405 The West Mall, Suite 800
    Toronto, Ontario
    M9C 5J1

    Dan Wozniak
    Product Manager - Amino Resins
    Telephone: 419 244-5856
    Toll-free: 1 800 626-2557
    Fax: 419 244-9206
    2112 Sylvan Avenue
    P.O. Box 2570
    Toledo, Ohio 43606